Monday, July 22, 2013

Marijuana Users Are Thinner And Healthier

Marijuana Smokers Are Thinner And Healthier Than Non-Users.
A recent study published in the Journal of American Medicine has some conclusions that might make marijuana advocates pretty excited. According to the study, the potent plant usually known for causing the munchies might actually help people be thinner. Researchers looked at the effect of the drug on metabolic processes and discovered a correlation between smaller waist circumference and marijuana use.

The results showed that, in addition to being thinner, marijuana users appeared to be more healthy overall than those who have never used marijuana.
With the government taking over healthcare might there come a time when cannabis use is required? Wouldn't that be funny? I'm against forcing people to do anything except leave others alone.

Here is a link to the study: The Impact of Marijuana Use on Glucose, Insulin, and Insulin Resistance among US Adults.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Autism and Cannabinoids

A Link Between Autism and Cannabinoids.
Two autism-related mutations in a synapse-adhesion protein lead to deficits in prolonged endocannabinoid signaling in mice. It’s a surprising connection that suggests such signaling problems could be implicated in autism spectrum disorders, according to a paper published today (April 11) in Neuron.

Tonic endocannabinoid signaling is long-lasting and contrasts with the brief pulses characteristic of phasic signaling. Endocannabinoid signaling in general affects memory formation, learning, pain, and other important processes, but the distinctions between tonic and phasic signaling have been poorly understood.

Some videos:

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