Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Uruguay - Marijuana Biotech Hub

Uruguay is about to become a biotech hub for medical marijuana research.
Presidential Spokesman Diego Canepa said Monday that foreign labs have told the government they'd like to set up there. Canepa is quoted by the local daily El Observador as saying that "Uruguay will become a hub for biotechnology."
It is about time there was a place in the world that research on the medical potential of cannabis can be done.

If only the Federal government in the US could see the potential.


  1. What the Federal government in the US sees the potential for is losing re-election funding by Big Pharma.

  2. Jack,

    There is a LOT in what you say. Medicine as we used to know it is dead. Profits are still good so they don't recognize that their heart has sprung a leak.

    By taking over 1/6th of the economy (healthcare) government has gotten in bed with a dead man.