Thursday, April 18, 2013

Medical Marijuana Is Coming To Illinois

The Illinois Medical Marijuana House Bill HB1 has passed. The Illinois Senate needs a companion bill.
Passage of HB1 by the House comes only a day after nearly 250 Illinois physicians pledged their support for legalizing medical marijuana in the state. Three physicians held a press conference Tuesday, calling on policymakers to push through legislation. Further indication that state officials are simply catching up with medical science and popular will was found in a Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll released in February, showing that more than 63 percent of Illinois voters support the legalization of medical marijuana.
The vote was 61 to 57. The Reps. have been juggling for weeks in order to get enough votes for passage.

The Illinois Senate needs to pass a bill. It did pass a bill in 2009 but the House side failed to pass one.

Contract your State Senator and ask that person to support a medical marijuana bill. Here is an interactive map of State Senator districts. After you find your district you can find a list of State Senators with their district here.

You can read the bill at House Bill One.

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