Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rabbi Kahn In Rockford

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn was interviewed by WREX TV. I had the great honor of meeting him at Friday night services and at a Saturday afternoon symposium.

You can read more about the Rabbi here: Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn

and here:

DC Medical Marijuana Rabbi Comes To Rockford.

The Rabbi discussed Medical Marijuana and how as a clinic operator he might be incarcerated by the Obama administration for operating a dispensary. As happened to Aaron Sandusky who is serving a 10 year sentence under Federal law for operating a dispensary.

The Rabbi was most engaging and discussed a number of topics including Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon and how he got involved with medical marijuana.

Visit Rockford For Safe Access which is working to make medical marijuana a reality in Illinois and specifically Rockford.

Update: 27 April 2013 1242z

NBC Washington has an article up with this quote:
But not all religious leaders approve of the rabbi's new venture. Some believe marijuana is immoral. Kahn disputes that charge.

"Morality is not part of the issue," Kahn said. "And what we're dealing with here is getting sick people medicine. We're talking about easing suffering."

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  1. A nice humble start here, bless all participants. The discussion was quite lively.

    Peace, Clyde